The Story


The Story - Somartin,
where it all began


The story of somartin CHOCOLATE is being inspired by the village bearing the same name. Somartin or Martinsberg in German language is a Saxon village situated at the foot of Fagaras Mountains in a fairytale natural scenario.

For me, Oana Irina, the human behind somartin CHOCOLATE, the encounter with this village in June 2020 meant love at first site.
Some months later, I left Bucharest and my 20+ years corporate banking career, to move to Sibiu and actually closer to Somartin and start a small craft chocolate atelier, chocolate being one of my passions. Currently somartin CHOCOLATE is being hand-crafted in my atelier in Sibiu, Piata Mare area, with the aim to move it to Somartin village, one day.